TANK CLEANING AND WATER SYSTEM DISINFECTION - Rotherham, Sheffield, Barnsley, Doncaster.

LCS cleans and disinfects water tanks in Office buildings, Factories, Care Homes and Nursing Homes.

LCS carry out tank cleaning and disinfections to the requirements of ACOP L8; HSG 274 Pts 1 or 2; and BS8558, using fully-trained and experienced staff.

Before disinfection, it is essential that any tanks in the system are physically clean.  Biocides (disinfectants) are not capable of penetrating sediment, rust or other corrosion products, biofilms, etc.  Without tank cleaning, bacteria resident in these contaminants will be unaffected by any disinfection work and the bacteria level will quickly return to previous levels.

We offer a range of biocides including Sodium Hypochlorite (Chlorine); Silver Hydrogen Peroxide and Chlorine Dioxide.

Following completion of the work, we issue a Disinfection Certificate backed up by an Engineer's Report and 'before and after' photographs where applicable.

Where Tank-entry is required, our staff are Confined Spaces trained, and have the emergency escape equipment that may be needed under the Pre-Work Risk Assessment.

LCS are specialists in confined spaces Tank Cleaning.  

We have the specialist equipment and training required under current Confined Spaces regulations to carry out this work in complete safety.


LCS can complete the commissioning disinfection required for new or modified water systems, as required by BS8558; ACOP L8 2013 and HSG274 Pt 2.  

Whether the system is fed from a tank, or direct from the mains, we have the skills and equipment necessary to ensure your compliance with current regulations.

Unless a formal Legionella Control system in in place, Cold Water Storage Tanks are often forgotten about - out of sight, out of mind. 

From work for part of a large hotel chain, these are typical 'before and after' photographs of the tank cleaning.    


Site visits to discuss your requirements do not involve any costs or commitment, and we guarantee to provide impartial information and guidance in your best interests.

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