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LCS maintain Cooling Towers or Evaporative Condensors for a number of our clients. Most of these were audited during 2013 by the HSE as part of their nationwide pro-active intervention programme and scored 60 out of 60 for Legionella Management. 

We would be pleased to share our expertise with you and can usually provide a saving over other water treatment companies.

LCS provide all aspects of Legionella & Corrosion Control for Cooling systems, including

  • Legionella Risk Assessments,
  • Creation and implementation of the 'Written Schemes' required for legionella control
  • Routine service visits for Water Analysis,
  • Legionella Testing,
  • Cleaning and disinfections,
  • Provision and installation of control and dosing equipment,
  • Oxidising and non-oxidising biocides,
  • Corrosion inhibitors,
  • Legionella awareness training
  • Cooling tower refurbishment. 

Legionella Risk Assessments

A specific requirement under ACOP L8 and HSG 274 Pt 1, and must include schematic diagram of the system.                      To see our Section on Legionella Risk Assessments, click this box:

Written Scheme for Control

These are site-specific, and detail what needs to be done, at what frequency, and by whom.

Routine Service Visits, Analysis and Legionella Testing.

The ACOP and guidance require that Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly tests are carried out and recorded.  LCS have qualified and experienced staff to do the on-site testing for you.  

Microbiological tests such as Legionella, TVCs, etc are carried out by our UKAS-accredited laboratory.

Cleaning and Disinfection

LCS have WMS trained staff who have completed Confined Spaces Training to complete this work thoroughly and in accordance with all H&S requirements.  We provide an Engineer's Report, Disinfection Certificate and 'before and after' photographs including endoscopic photos of the interior of the cooling tower pack.

Control & Dosing Equipment. Biocides and Corrosion Inhibitors

The ACOP recommends automatic dosing of biocides and corrosion inhibitors.  LCS can provide and install equipment appropriate to your needs, together with a comprehensive range of treatment chemicals tailored to your own requirements.  We provide Dosing pumps, Controllers working on TDS or ORP, automated bleeds etc.

Legionella Awareness Training

All personnel with operational or managerial responsibilities for Cooling Towers must have suitable and sufficient Legionella Awareness Training.  

LCS can provide training for you and your staff. Carried out on your site, it gives the opportunity to clarify any particular issues by viewing and discussing your own equipment. Alternatively, we can help you choose an external accredited training course if you prefer.

Cooling Tower refurbishment

These photos show 2 common effects of corrosion in Cooling Towers.  The pitting corrosion has perforated the sump wall in dozens of places.  The second photo shows where mastic had been used to seal between two panels, and corrosion ocurred behind it.  The sump pan would eventually fall off!

The client had had the panels replaced before at great expense, due to purchase & installation costs; down-time and loss of production. 

LCS provided a more practical solution:   

Using woven GRP matting and a special epoxy paint, we built up layers inside the sump, creating a GRP lining which is fully resistant to water and the treatment chemicals used. 

The overall cost was much less than the previous panel replacement, and will last considerably longer!

It's always easier to catch it before it's gone that far...

These before and after photos show another Cooling Tower, where the paint coating was failing but no serious corrosion had yet started. On this occasion the woven GRP matting was not required, just thorough preparation and repainting. The life of the cooling tower was considerably increased, and no corrosion products were left to feed bacteria.



The main problems associated with Closed Loop Water systems are:

  • Scale
  • Corrosion
  • Microbial growth

It is essential to monitor water systems through testing, to ensure their safe and efficient operation. This is particularly important with closed systems where the interiors of pipes etc. are not visible. Chemical analysis determines the levels of specific chemical species in the water and can be vital in the early detection of conditions, which are likely to lead to scale or corrosion. 

For an inhibitor to inhibit corrosion it must be in direct contact with the metal. This is why it is essential to thoroughly pre-commission clean new systems, and clean existing systems, to ensure all metal surfaces are available for complete contact with the inhibitor.

Our closed circuit inhibitors are all specifically formulated to inhibit corrosion, prevent the build-up of scale and to stop deposition of suspended solids (fouling). The prevention of microbial growth is achieved by the addition of an appropriate biocide into the system.

The choice of corrosion inhibitor is determined by various factors including; the pH, the construction materials and the water hardness. All of our closed circuit formulations contain corrosion inhibitors, scale inhibitors and polymers.


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