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Sometimes there is a need for descaling part or all of a heating or cooling system. Maybe it's an old system, or you might need a water softener.  If you have one it could be due for servicing or repair.  

LCS provide a chemical descaling service.

LCS have a selection of descaling products, which are selected and applied depending on the particular nature of the equipment and process.  Acid descaling is the most aggressive, and removes scale and corrosion deposits faster than other products.  Where the system contains mixed metals, this may not be appropriate and a longer process using a product which does not attack the parent metals would be utilised instead.

These 'before and after' photographs taken with an endoscope show the value of acid descaling on an oil cooler on injection moulding equipment.  LCS was called in as low coolant flow kept stopping production when the equipment ran over temperature.  Acid descaling returned the unit to full operational capacity, and paid for itself in a matter of days.


These photos show the effect of hard water on an Evaporative Condenser.  

The condenser tubes scaled up, greatly reducing it's efficiency, increasing energy consumption and also increasing the probability that Legionella Bacteria could proliferate.  Descaling combined with installation of a water softener eliminated the problem completely. 

LCS can supply a range of chemicals which will help avoid or remove this problem, but if you have a need for our Descaling Services, we suggest you see our section on water softeners.


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