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The HSE often state: “Legionella Risk Assessments are the foundation of all preventive measures and without an adequate assessment you are gambling with people’s lives

Not surprisingly, a Legionella Risk Assessment is a legal requirement for all commercial properties including industrial sites with Cooling Towers and process water systems; Office buildings; Care Homes and Nursing Homes; hotels and rented accommodation.

LCS can provide a detailed and fully documented Legionella Risk Assessment, with schematics (drawn in CAD) of the water system. This will provide the foundation for all aspects of Legionella Control, and compliance with current legislation and guidance.

ACOP L8 requires that all water systems are fully managed to prevent the growth of Legionella bacteria. The starting point is asuitable and sufficient Legionella Risk Assessment, with Schematic Diagrams of your water systems.

The risk assessment enables the responsible person on whom the statutory duty falls to show that all the pertinent factors, and the steps needed to prevent or control the risks have been considered.

Approved Code Of Practice (ACOP) L8‘ The Control of Legionella Bacteria in Water Systems’ is a water-hygiene specific compilation of the regulations found in the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974; Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations 2002; and Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations (as amended) 1999


Typically the assessor would start with a short meeting with the responsible personnel and a desktop audit of any systems already in place, training records etc. before walking the site and tracing from the incoming water supply to each outlet. 

The process documents all aspects of the water system, identifies any issues of non-compliance, and provides a simple 'to do' list of anything necessary to bring your site up to the legal requirements. Once implemented, these steps will minimise the risk and allow you to demonstrate you have taken all necessary measures to keep people safe and meet the requirements of the legislation.

Contents of Risk Assessment

  • Building ownership
  • Management responsibilities and lines of communication
  • Location of site in relation to any nearby high risk population
  • Source of water for all systems
  • Asset registry
  • Significant findings
  • Photographic record
  • Schematic diagrams of the water system
  • Assessment of risk to staff, visitors, tenants, etc.
  • A prioritised action plan for remedial work and control measures

For a Legionella Risk Assessment, schematic diagrams should show pipe layout, all outlets, valves and items of equipment. These need not be to scale, or engineering format, but should include all parts of the system where water may be used or stored

If you would like more information about Legionella, ACOP L8 and the new guidance, just click here:

The HSE website provides information on the measures necessary to control the risks you may have:


Often the Risk Assessment identifies remedial work which is required to bring a site up to the requirements of ACOP L8 or HSG 274.  

LCS can complete this for you to bring your site up to the legal requirements, whether that's creation of a site-specific Log Book to implement your 'Written Scheme for Legionella Control'; removal of deadlegs; tank cleaning and disinfection; or improvements to the configuration of water storage tanks.  This will keep your staff, residents, tenants etc safe from water hygiene problems, and prevent any issues with the HSE, CQC, etc.


Is your Legionella Risk Assessment up to date?

Site visits to discuss your requirements do not involve any costs or commitment, and we guarantee to provide impartial information and guidance in your best interests.

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