Over half a million people in the UK do not get their water from the normal mains supply, but have to rely on wells, springs, streams or boreholes. Often the water from these sources does not meet Drinking Water requirements

LCS provide a comprehensive range of products to improve water quality, including filters with bacteria control properties, ultra violet systems, pressurisation units and bespoke units for removal of heavy metals, nitrate etc. In addition, we carry out analytical and on-site monitoring to comply with all current regulations.

Case study:

In 2012 a couple moved into an idyllic country cottage near Louth in Lincolnshire where the water was supplied to the property from a nearby well. Their water supply tasted disgusting and left freshly laundered clothes smelling awful, so for a year they resorted to buying bottled water by the car-load. The situation was so bad that they had to rinse down with bottled water after a shower or washing their hair; and on one occasion a relative came to visit and not knowing the issue drank water from the tap - the poor lady was physically sick almost immediately afterwards.  The owner mentioned the problem to a work colleague and was referred to LCS. 

A water sample was analysed by a UKAS accredited laboratory and found that, compared with the Drinking Water Standard, the well water was found to exceed the maximum permitted amount of Manganese by 200%; Iron by 1500% and Arsenic by 300%!

After a site survey and discussion with the owners, LCS designed a bespoke treatment programme and installed the equipment which laboratory analysis later proved had reduced the levels of these three elements to well within the acceptable limits. This clean wholesome water was now delivered from every tap in the household and the owners were delighted.

As part of the work, we cleaned the water tanks as the iron had left a thick orange sludge inside, then disinfected the tanks and the entire water system.

We even fitted an outside tap so the owner could wash his car and water the garden with a hosepipe.

If you have an issue with the quality of your incoming water, LCS will be pleased to help.

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